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My cossdressing habit

I am now 30yrs old man, I have the habit of dressing in a female dress,enjoy my female appearance, then masturbate finally.

It all started, when I was around 6-7yrs, I started wearing panties of my elder without the knowledge of my family members. It all started just like that, there is now reason why I wanted to wear panties rather than underwears of mine.I somehow managed to steal my sister’s panties or even neighbour girls’ panties for wearing, I used to wear to school also. This habit continued, and I started wearing frocks of my sister’s also when I was all alone in the house, put bangles, make-up with bindies & lipsticks also, if I find.Slowly this habit still got a promotion as when I was around 11-12 yrs old, I got tempted to wear bra.

I felt that my breasts are growing, so I should cover it, I had seen ladies wearing bras,I stole one of my sister’s bra to wear.Then this continued stealing my sister’s or mother’s or sometimes my neighbour’s bras or panties or females’ dresses and wear and I was alone in the house. I was not satisfied even by this,I wanted to show to someone that I want wearing bras or panties or dresses, so I started walking on the balconies at late nights wearing my female get-ups, or even at dark streets.Later I started wearing bras & panties permanently even to school or wherever I go out, but without the knowledge of others. This was also not sufficient to me, I felt could be a complete woman only when I wear complete dress of female, so I started wearing saree, petticoat, blouse along with bra & panty.

I somehow managed to get my sister’s blouse as it fits better. One day when I alone in the house, I was dressing in my female dresses, suddenly my sister entered the house surprising to see me struggling to put the bra hooks, I was just shivering that all my secrets of make-uping as a female is disclosed.But my sister responded very cooly, she just smiled and asked me,should she help me, I stood still without uttering anything, she just came close to me, hooked the bras hooks, then she took one of her blouse & petticoat, asked me to wear and helped me to wear the saree properly.

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