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My Buddy the Crossdreser

I hadn't seen my buddy in a while. I called him up and he was game. We usually fuck outside his front door, I get to his new house and the flood lights come on. I'm thinking what is he planning. I stay in the car and he come by and says he's getting in. he tells me to drive up the road. we got to the street's dead end and parked. Walked a bit behind some trees and got down to business.
He was only wearing a sweatshirt, stockings and panties. He takes off the panties and lowers the stockings. I get on my knees and start to suck his cock for a bit to get him hard. He gets hard pretty quickly. I get some lube for both of us, lower my pants and get a whiff of poppers. He shoves it in and I had forgotten how good his cock feels. Nice size head and thicker at the base. He felt like it had been some time for him as well.
We start with me standing, bent over holding onto a bench. Then I get on the bench and raise my ass. The bench was not so sturdy so I get on the ground and he is standing over and shoves it in. He loves this position. he starts going balls deep and hard on me. It hurts but in the good way. He pulls out and i feel like one more pump and he would've cummed. I start sucking his dick and tasting my ass. I like the
taste of my ass. He gets hard again and puts it back in, he shoves my face on the ground and asks me to spread my ass with both hands. He continues to fuck me and goes hard again until he pulls out.
I'm loving it and am cock drunk by now. I quickly turn and shove his dick in my mouth. I'm trying to deep throat but it's thick. he mentions that he wants to fuck me on the hood of my car. I just want that cock back in me so I say let's go. We walk up to the car, I bend over the hood and he shoves it in. He fucks me as hard as he can and I feel him come. I try to keep him inside as long as possible but eventually he slips out. I turn around and suck his cock clean. Drop him off at his house and drive home with his load inside. That was fun. I Liked this new spot. Some happy memories will be made there.

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