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My brother caught me crossdressing

It all happened 3and a half years ago.I started secretly crossdressing about an half a year before.One day my parents went out and told me that they will be late,and my b*****r was staying at his friends house (he was 17 back there and i was 14).As soon as they left the house i ran down to my mom's closet and starting picking some thing sexy from her varedrobe and i was putting it on. In that time i had my own thongs that i secretly bought,i put them on,my mom's push up bra,and her sexy red dress that has a big cleavage,and i put on her tights too.I was looking like a real whore.I went to the bathroom and put some of her makeup on.While i was putting lipstick i heared the door and the woice of my b*****r telling me that he's home because he forgot some things.I was frightened,i just stood there like a statue.He was climbing up the stairs and looking at my room trying to find me,until,finaly he walked in the bathroom.He was shocked.''Danny,is that you!?'' he laughed.I just couldn't say anything i froze.He just stood there watching me for a couple of minutes and suddenly he grabbed my hand and dragged me to his room.''You want to be a girl,don't you?I will show you how is it to be a girl'' he said.He put me on his bed and started to take is pants off.He suddenly pulled his half erected 19 cm cock out and got it righ in front of my face."Suck it,i know u want to" he yelled.My mouth started to watter,and i groused:"It's wrong,you are my brothhh...".He stopped me there when he started slapping me with his massive dick."Don't say anything u sissy,just suck".I knew there is nothing else i could do and i grabbed his cock.It immediately started to crow in my hands. I was just staring at it for a minute or something then i just started jerking him off.When it got fully erected he just started pushing my head towards it.I opened my mouth and the tip entered.It had a great taste,i felt pre-cum dribbling and i started massaging the tip with my tounge while sucking it.I then pulled it out and started cupping his balls while licking the tip.

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