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My black fetish

It all started when the boys in class started calling me what if I liked panties and nylons and bras who cared....when mum and dad were at work...I would wear mum’s heels and tights and her double D bra...I was tiny and had long blond curly hair and just the beginning of an o so large dick......and I would put on lipstick and rougue and mascara and smoke a cigarette and stcik pens covered in vsaseline up my arse....and then walk around with that funny little tool and then jack off and cum all the way to the ceiling..
One day I decieded to walk around and go to the local market and buy some aspirin and went outside and walked to the store and no one knew who I was...except for pretty Patty the neighborhood she called me out and said,”Mia come on in to the house you look adorable.”
We petted and kissed and soon she was out of her clothes and her young tits stood straight out and her nipples were hard, and she wanted me to stay dressed in my giirlly outfit and she sucked my cock and licked my balls and put my head between her legs and let me suck up her juices and we played and she took pics of us together and she promised that the next time we met we would not only suck, but fuck as well...she wanted that growing cock inside of her as much as I wanted to put it in....
So the next time I dresssed, and I dressed all in black,,,with black hi heels and tights and a black corset and a sheer negligee over the corset....she was ready and as soon as I walked in the door....she was all over me and hugging and kissing and stripping herseld down to ber panties and her bra and then dressed the same way I did all in black and she took out this dildo that was also black and gave me a condom that was black and I screwed her in her welcoming wet pussy and then ate her delicious juices and she used that black dildo and covered it in lube and fucked me like the girl that I wanted to be....and she let me cum and cum and then I did that for her....inside again and fucked till I came in her and then this time I ate her pussy and my cum juice and it tasted so good, she sucked my ass hole and made it all wet and used the dildo vibrator again.,,,,,and we felll asleep and when I woke up we were still embraced and all was well.
Or so i thought....Pretty Patty had taken those pics

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