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My 1st time with a man while dressed and 1st anal

My 1st time with a man while dressed and 1st anal
The following story is true.
I have been dressing in my wife's sexy clothes at home off and on for a while because I love the feel of hose and panties. My wife and I are swingers, actually we do mostly cuckold swinging but I am free to be with women if I want. I have sucked some of her dates cocks beside her. I love being on my knees beside my wife sharing a cock. One time we met a guy and she had came down with a bad headache, we explained that she did not feel like doing anything but we agreed I would suck him off alone while she coached me. He was happy with that and I sucked him while she lay beside him telling me what to do and even pushing my head up and down. When she sensed he was ready to cum she tole him "you can cum in my husbands mouth" which was a surprise to me because she had always taken the loads. I had tasted cum in mouth several times when I kissed her so I knew what it tasted like. What I was not expecting was the feel of my mouth filling up so fast with more than I expected. I had to run to the sink and spit which she got a kick out of. Being the good wife she is, later she coached me on how to deal with it by putting the head back as far as I can take it without gagging and let it squirt right down without ever being in my mouth.

Now this story is really about my 1st time alone with a man while dressed. I had the weekend alone because she was out of town and I decided I was going to see how it was being the one getting fucked

I wear the same size as her so I had lots of sexy clothing to choose from along with a wig and some spike heels I wore at a Halloween party a few years ago when I was a hooker and she was a pimp.

I picked out a short leather skirt, silky blouse, crotch less pantyhose, and lace panties. Then I booked a hotel in a larger town near me and placed an ad on craigslist as a crossdresser looking for men. I got several responses and after weeding out the weird messages, one liners, people that would not send a pic, etc....

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