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My first experience with a shemale came about after a gay guy I knew introduced me to a friend of his who was this gorgeous creature. She had long black hair, perfect breasts a great ass and legs to die for. The fact she was wearing a figure hugging black dress and black pantyhose just got me as horny as hell.

I'd always wanted to have a shemale experience and this was my big chance. We talked and drank all the night and when she agreed to come back to my place I thought I was gonna explode right there and then!

In the bedroom she was very submisive, she was a strict bottom girl and wanted to be dominated.She only wanted to please me and in return I was to treat her like the lady she was. This suited me fine. She pulled my pants down and started to lick and kiss my cock before sucking, slowly at first before gaining speed. I came in about two minutes, I couldn't stop myself. She swallowed the lot, non of my girlfriends in the past had ever wanted to do that.

Once we'd cleaned ourselves up I went down stairs to get us both a drink. When I returned I found her laying on top of my bed, on her hands and knees, wearing only a small pair of pants and those panyhose. I was hard again almost instantly. I put the drinks down and dived straight in, my hands were all over her smooth body, her breasts were so soft I couldn't tell the difference from natural ones. I licked out her ass and fucked her twice that very night. She was very noisey and loved it if I pulled on her hair while I rode her. It was without question the best sex I'd ever had.

We ended up dating for three months before things broke down. The sex was always amazing but we realised there was little else in our relationship and she wanted more. I've since found out she has had full gender reassignment and is in a long term relationship. She was the most stunning women I have ever been with and she deserves her happiness.

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