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More Dirty Sex with Tania. Part Two

Luckily most of the guests at the Premier Inn had now checked in so when we both went down through the reception area it was again deserted except for the receptionist who only acknowledged the door key being placed on the counter. There were a couple of people in the car park but most were only interested in heading for the Beefeater restaurant. One young couple did take a second glance, the guy’s eyes nearly pooping out his head. It’s not often that you see two trannies, dressed as whores walking across a car park in rural Gloucestershire!!!!

Soon we are heading down the A 417 towards Swindon. Tania was in the lead in her Ford Mondeo, as she knew where the red-light area was. Soon we were driving into Swindon and Tania indicated to pull over into a lay-by. She beckoned me into her car. “Its not far now, it’s around the back of the football stadium”. I was really nervous now, as I knew what was planned. We had often talked about me standing on a street corner and being propositioned by a punter.

We drove down a couple of narrow streets lined with working class terraced houses. It was now about 9.00 and getting quite dark. Suddenly we spotted a couple of girls working. One was a black girl, about twenty, wearing a pair of black PVC thigh length boots with a really short red dress on. Her companion was older with peroxide hair, probably in her early thirties, who had on a white skin tight mini dress with ridiculously high white-heeled shoes. Her dress was really cheap and you could see her black thong and black bra through the cheap material. She did however have that gorgeous look of a MILF and had stunning long tanned muscular legs. There were two more girls at the end of the street, both white and quite young, sixteen if that. Both were wearing very short denim mini skirts, one with a black see thro top and the other with a similar white one. The skirts were so short that on one of the girls you could see the tops of her hold-ups.

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