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More Dirty Sex with Tania. Part One Hotel Sex

It took quite some planning, after our last meet in the lay-by, but at long last we had both been able to get away at the same time. We, well actually Tania, had arranged our meet to be at the Premier Inn at Witcombe, just south of Cheltenham and just of the A46. Tania was arriving just after lunch and myself at about 3ish. We agreed it that way so it gave Tania time to dress and get ready, however it did mean that I would have to arrive dressed as Joanna. I have a lot of confidence when dressed, as Joanna but most of my forays have been either at night or at least dusk. What to wear? I obviously didn't want to wear the same dress as when we had last met, although the blue one that I wore that time was my favourite. I decided on my red raunched dress. A bit dressy but very sexy and very short. Another plus with wearing this dress was that as it has shoulder straps I could wear one of my sexy basques and black sheer stockings. Black strappy heels and matching red thong completed the outfit. I did pack as well, in my holdall, my really short leather mini skirt and a silky red top.

I spent pretty well all the morning getting ready. I wanted my make up to be just perfect, my skin lovely and smooth (all over!!!) and to smell lovely and fem. Eventually it was time to leave. I had decided to wear baggy trousers and carried my shoes and hair in my holdall. At last it was time to leave and I hurried to the car. It’s about an hour from Bristol to Witcombe and I arrived at about 2.45. I parked around the back of the Beefeater Restaurant and phoned Tania on her mobile. Room 51 at the end of the corridor. Head down I breezed straight past Reception and up the stairs. Luckily, apart from the young girl on the desk, there was no one around. Again lady luck was with me. Half way down the passageway there was the entrance to the Emergency stairs and I quickly ducked in and slipped on my heels, hair and checked my make-up. Fine!!

Tania undid the door chain and carefully peered around the door.

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