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Me and Sabrina

This story is fictional.

I was just another normal kid. I'm just small and effeminate. My name is Nick. Im 13 years old. I have always enjoyed dressing in woman's clothing. I have a friend her name is Sabrina. Shes a very hot girl. I thinks she 5'5,110 lbs and 36c. Compared to me I'm 5'4 and 100 lbs. Im small.

We were at her house one day. Then we walked up to her room and she got in her dresser. Then she asked me something.

"Have you ever wore woman's clothing before Nick?"

"No that's for fags and Im not a Fag"

In which I was lying. I wore woman's clothing almost everyday.

" Do you want to?"

" No" I almost screamed.

The days pasted and she never said a word to me about that again. When she turned 14 she sucked my dick. I would have to say she was amazing. Then I wanted to eat her out, but she wouldn't let me. Then one day while we were laying in her bed.

She said " Are you sure you haven't wore girl's clothing?"

"YES! I'm sure I haven't. Why do you bugging me about it?"

" I don't know. Maybe I want you to wear some."

" Ummm..Like what?"

"You know what never mind."


The days pasted. Then she finally got me to do it.

" Please wear some girls clothes."

"Alright" I said

Then she pulled out a pair of panties. They were red and black boy-shorts and a matching bra.

"Go put those on" I went to the bathroom. I pulled down my pants and underwear. I had a small cock it was only 4 inches. I put on the lace boy-shorts.. These felt weird. Not like the ones my sister has. Then I put on the bra. I tried to stuff some socks in there to make fake breasts.

"There are you happy?"

"Yes I am. You're so hot and I mean it."


"Now go put these on"

Then she threw me leggings,a mini skirt and a blouse. Then she told me to run bath water insted. She would be in there in a minute.

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