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Making love on the beach

= First =

My name is Lely Bella Calistia, I'm an Asian shemale, I'm 27 years old, and I now live on a very beautiful island in Southeast Asia, I have only been here for 2 years and have a nice new life.

I have a friend when I was a child, and we are good friends until now, but unfortunately when we were in school, he moved to England to follow his parents, maybe I haven't seen him for ten years, but we often communicate via email, exchange stories ..., but he didn't know that I was now a shemale, he was named Ega, when he was a child he was very whiny and often I was ignorant until he cried, but he was handsome and smart enough ... ,,, "hheeeemmm now I admire his face "That's the beginning of the story ...

= Before meeting with him =

On Thursday morning I got an email from him that he was going home to his parents, and he wanted to see me, then I replied and gave my address, and he promised to see me, at that time I was a little confused and curious how he reacted to me, he had never seen me , he doesn't have anything about me but e-mail, but I already know how he is now, seeing the photo our friend gave him, he has a handsome face, his body is tall - well-built - stocky, he has become a man and I am fascinated to see him, I also can't imagine my reaction saw it.

It was already Saturday morning according to the promise he arrived at noon, and I would pick up at the airport, he and 3 of his friends from England to my city, at that time I woke up and was still early. I thought he came late so I still had a lot of time to do my activities, so I decided to go to a gym not far from the top floor where I lived, I just washed my face and changed the usual sports clothes (wearing a pink sports bra, pink sport leggings and white sport shoes) after that I took my equipment and went to the gym, until there seemed to be nothing but me and the instructor, the name of my instructor was Robert and he was a foreigner working here, the body was big and stocky, when he

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