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made to be his gurl

After waiting tables for a good 6 months, I had finally got myself clear and could maybe get myself back to California. But I wanted to get there with some money in hand, so to save the air fair I thought it would be fun to share an the ride with someone or ones. I put an ad on Craig’s list for a ride share.

I got about 4 responses and thought I had better meet with um to see if I could deal with a 4 day trip. The second guy that rumbled up was a long haul trucker, with a sleeper cab. He told me that he’s just got back from a slow go thru Texas and was about to go back same way and could really use the company.

It was good enough for me, and looks like all I had to do was keep him awake. But something in his eyes made me excited to be in the cab next to him. We agreed to move out in about 12 hours after he showered up and got a new trailer of stuff to haul.

So that night, as I was telling my roomates goodbye over a couple beers, I got a text from him. He said “make sure you smell good” I asked my roomy Jenn for some stuff that would hold out for the 4 day trip. Texted him back that she was going to set me up, then the retext was even more fun. “& shave all that too” Wow, so I had Jenn show me how to wax, ouch! Once done I told him via digital comunication that his gurl was getting prettier.

“get your mani & pedi good” so I pix’d him a picture of my toes. I had Jenn do um up in burgundy, she thought this was too much fun. Just before he texted me good night, I was also instructed to have my ass flushed out and clean. I did it with hot water and Jenn’s douche bottle, it took a good 30 mins before I was totally clear. I left him a message that I was all good and would be waiting for him to roll up tomorrow morning.

With my 4 boxes and carry on size suit case sitting by the sidewalk, his air brakes told me I was his, and as he loaded every thing up in the trailer for me, I just watched as I knew that I was locking a good piece of my manhood back there.

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