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Lucy change part 1

This is a story I wrote a few years ago, and completely forgot about. I'm thinking of continuing it if it gets any reaction.

I was a virgin before I met my girlfriend, mostly because of my crippling shyness. She is the reason I overcame both problems, and I have never loved anyone or anything as much as I love her. She is the gentlest person and most loving soul I have ever come across. We have tonnes in common, and she has helped me through some tough times, and been with me through journeys of self discovery. I couldn’t imagine living without her at this stage.

Now that that’s out of the way, how about a little background, please stay with me through it.
I was almost 18 when I met Lucy (I’m 22 now).I wasn’t, and am not anything to write home about in the looks department. No I’m not one of those shy kids from movies who is sexy as fuck, and is surprised when he gets the girl. No, I’m 6’ tall, and on the schlubby side with brown hair and brown eyes. Since this is a story about sex, I should tell you about my cock. It, like me, is nothing special, six by five inches. I have always been self conscious about my small flaccid size of three by two and a half inches. I manscape regularly and have a patch of dark brown pubes above my cock, with everywhere else bald. Now, to Lucy. As I describe her, I hope it becomes clear why I was so gob smacked when she showed an interest in me. She’s 5’4, with dark brown hair that she dyes black, creating the most striking and beautiful of contrasts with her pale skin. Her hair is short, almost as short as my own, with the sides shaved quite close, and longer on top. Her eyes are the most enchanting shade of green I have ever come across, and her smile could light up the saddest room in the world. Her breasts are the part of her body she wishes she could change, though it would break my heart to see the smallest alteration. She often says “I wish my boobs were bigger” or complains when trying on clothes that “I HAVE NO FUCKING TITS!”, referring to her b cup breasts, with the daintiest of pink nipples, the left one pierced.

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