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Lucy change chapter 3

It was late enough when we got out of the shower, almost 4pm. I dried myself quite quickly, as I always do, and lay out on the bed to ‘air out’. Lucy, having shorter hair, was quite quick drying as well, though she spent longer walking around the apartment looking for this or that. I was glad of the view of her flawless body and her swinging soft cock. Once she had finished, it seemed as if the thought occurred to her again, how will I hide this fucking thing?
Jokingly, without putting on underwear, Lucy put her dress on to see if her dick would stick out. I’m not sure if this is a reflection on the length of her cock or her dress, but at least half of it stuck out. She couldn’t help but laugh, but I could see she was distressed. After she took off the dress, she pulled on her tightest underwear. At first it stuck out the side, then it stuck out the front, and when she finally got it all in, it popped out after one step. “Uhh! How the fuck am I supposed to hide this!?!”
“Why don’t your wear some spanx or something?”
“Spanx!?! Where would I get spanx? I’m 24 years old! What possible use could I for them?”
“Well they’d be useful for hiding your cock” I said jokingly. She didn’t like the joke as much as I hoped.
In the end, our solution was taping her cock into her ass crack, and keeping it there with two pairs of underwear. It worked, and she even cheered up, well after a vodka or two. After the party, everyone went to a nightclub, and after an hour of dancing and drinking, I was quite drunk, and Lucy was a fair bit more drunk.
I was standing off to the side, after a long bout of dancing, when I noticed something. As I watched Lucy dance, clearly having forgotten everything she worried about, I saw a bulge in her dress. It wasn't terribly big, but it seemed to be growing. I felt I needed to interject. I rushed over to her, while still staying unnoticed. Lucy didn’t want to go, and I basically had to shout in her ear, before her face dropped, and she tried to rush for the door. Being somewhat familiar with the place, I remembered a door in the smoking area, that leads to a quite alley, where some staff park.

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