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Lucy and Emma 2

Saturday Special

As Emma stirred from her deep sleep Lucy took it as an opportunity to roll her naked body within the arms that had softly held her all night, By the time Emma opened her eyes Lucy had managed to completely roll over so that they two were know face to face so that when Emma opened her eyes her vision was filled with the smile that seemed to be a permanent part on Lucy’s softly featured face. To this this sight Emma lightly smiled back and tried to speak but as she did the remnants of last night soon hit her her throat closed parched of moister her head throbbed with pain as the consequences of hare a whole bottle of dark Jamaican rum between the two of them started and suddenly hit home. Emma unable to speak move her head a gently kissed Lucy swallow deeply to try and moisten her throat Lucy struggled to say

“Morin’ babe I think we might of overdone things a bit last night.” Emma’s throat still sore and barely open only nodded as Lucy pulled herself free from her lover's arms and gingerly stood on shaky feet, Once up she paused to gain her balance before rubbing her sore head and walking around the bed to reach the door Emma as always rolled onto her back and watched as she did admiring the soft swaying of her little butt as she did. Lucy talking short careful steps eventually reached the bedroom door and took her white satin dressing gown from it slipped it around her shoulders and tried the belt around her waist, reaching back to the door she pulled a second gown down but this one was a soft pink and very fluffy she turned a throw it at Emma but so little was her strength at that moment that it fell at least a foot short swallowing again so as to speak

“Now you’ve had your little morning show i’ll see in the kitchen.” Emma simply nodded and pulled herself in to a seat position in bed as Lucy once again spoken
“kettle will be on babe.” again Emma response was only a gesture this time a low board smile.

By the time Lucy had reached

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