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Lucky Afternoon

For the past few years I have had this urge to have sex with a man. After finding Xhamster The urge has gotten to the point where I was going to have to do something about it. I found a guy on this site who told me what to watch out for and the best places to meet someone. I do not like going to bars so I found myself shopping a lot and looking for a guy that might be interested. I really wasn't having any luck but I kept hoping and looking.

I have a pontoon boat docked on a lake not far from my home and I was notified a few days ago that the time was approaching for all boat owners to get the boats out of the water because the docks are removed for the winter. We haven't had much rain at all this summer and when the water level is down it is a big pain to get the boat out. I decided yesterday to drive up and see how low the water level was and to just sort of check the boat out and maybe take it for a little cruise around the lake. When I got there a few other owners were looking things over and we decided to wait a few days in hopes of some rain.

I had brought a cooler and some beer so I loaded it onto the boat and heard a voice behind me. I turned and this young woman was having trouble with a lock on the cabin of a sailboat. I had never seen her before and asked if the boat belonged to her and she told me that it was her parent's and that they wanted her to get the boat ready for the move to shore. I tried but the key just wouldn't open the lock. I sprayed it with some oil and told her that it might open after soaking for several minutes. Then I invited her to take a spin around the lake while she waited. I would say she was about 19 and was very slender, not much of a butt at all. Breasts were undetermined size because of the light windbreaker she wore.

We pulled away from the dock and I offered her a beer. She smiled and took it from my hand at which time she said that there was a bottle of vodka locked on the sailboat but of course that did nothing for us until we got the lock opened.

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