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Loving TS Sex

living in a medium size city 30 years ago, it was necessary to stay into the closet. That way of live is really still the reason why I never outed myself, even after years living in different bigger cities and several countries.

I had acquired a taste for transsexuals, considering them the best of two worlds. Never could resist the view of a beautiful girl knowing that there were a certain something between her legs.

When I felt the urge inside me I cruised into the night looking for the zones were the TS used to hunt. I always made sure to pick up a girl when no other cars were around or giving the girl a sign to go around a corner to talk and let her into my car without being seen.

So I continued my double life. Several times I saw the same girl standing there alone, always looking at me when I passed by, but I never made any intent to pick her up. Let’s say ir bluntly: She was ugly! Will not deny she had a good body, but her face didn’t help her.

One night I was out for dinner with some clients from our office and, as two of them were from out of town I had to bring them back to their hotel. It was already late and, having d***k a little too much (we knew that as long there were no accident, the police wasn’t checking your breath at that time) I felt horny. So I decided to make a drive trough the TS areas. I felt a little disappointed because there were nobody around. I made another turn to go to sl**p when I saw a girl standing there. Nobody around, I stopped and she came running on her high heels. I opened the door and she jumped in and yes, what you are thinking is true: It was the ugly one. But, a few glasses of wine during the dinner, and 2 brandy with the coffee made me decide to go for it. I drove away with her. She started talking telling me she had seen me so many times and I never looked to her, she had already lost her hopes to be picked up by me. As she was talking and touching me I looked at her: If you could forget the face, the rest could be very interesting.

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