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Lost sissy

Lost in sissy land a boy craves to be touched as he sits with purrfect posture so his ass is out for the viewing pleasure of daddy . The daddy he dreams of having. The daddy he dresses up for , the daddy he trains for .the daddy he misses . He can only dream in sissy land and pretend but one day a daddy will allow this lost boy to pose and play all he likes and give him lil treats that help him become a good submissive sissy. The sissy that loves to please and suck. The sissy that thinks of what his daddy wants and needs. The sissy that listens. This sissy loves to suck on daddy anywhere his daddy places his hungry mouth. This sissy loves to be with daddy. This sissy loves when he's rewarded with nipple licks and daddy sucks his lil sissy nipples in return this sissy takes care of daddy all night . He wears what daddy wants and let's daddy touch where ever he wants cause he knows that's daddy's favorite when sissy is all dressed up in the outfit daddy picked. He poses waiting for the treats and the touches cause he knows they are coming and a beautiful night is beginning . The lust begins to take over inside and the urges of total intimacy become the only thing this sissy wants. He knows what he will do for that daddy. Daddy will only have to point and touch this sissy. Daddy will be so impressed he will want to reward and keep this' sissy close for himself because he knows this is a one of a kind that just wants to be daddy's lil pleasure toy and dress up doll that daddy can look at play with touch all he wants. Always loving making him happy anyway he wants. Sensual love is the best love and daddy will know this sissy will love this and be naughty when daddy asks because a daddy like this is hard to find and sissy will make him stay however he needs. They need each other as much as they want each other it's destiny! If only they knew how to find each other instead of being lost in sissy land they could belong.

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