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Lost in Brazil

i decided to take a trip to Brazil in 2008, i had a few friends who was staying there at the time, I had a great holiday lovely beach lovely people i finely interacted with transsexuals without mentioning sex or money at all, my friend who used to live in Brazil was a porn-star he produced all types of porn straight gay lesbian but he only was in straight porn whilst he was shooting a scene of a guy and a shemale coming into a hotel,he asked me to visit i agreed and when i arrived, after i introduced myself to everyone i saw the most attractive human being with such a glow, most beautiful smile i have ever seen she had long black hair nice smooth skin curvy body, i might be exaggerating but to me she was one of a kind,i couldn't get my eyes of her even tho she was the shemale in the scene. I asked my friend could you introduce us when you guys finish for the day
he said i do better then that how about you take her for a meal on me, my eyes lit up with joy i thought what if she says no or what if she thinks im weird how do you introduce yourself to somebody and instantly say do you want to go for dinner, but i said hello spoke for a while and then asked, she some how found it flattering. during this "date" she and i had so much fun, we laughed we had good conversation we joked i told her my whole life story and she told me everything about her life but for some reason not in a intimate way but like that was the only way to get more comfortable around each other, we was there for like 3-4 hours just drinking and talking away i was only staying 5 mins from the hotel bar so i thought i can stay if she can, i asked how you getting home she replied "i driving i live like 30 mins away from here" i then questioned her capability of driving being so heavy under the influence of alcohol, i said " listen you definitely cant drive home why don't you come to my hotel i will get you a room and we can have breakfast in the morning before you go home" she didn't want to be a pain so she asks cant she stay in my room, of course i happily replied yes, i felt like i knew her forever like she was the missing part of my life in some way not in a sexual way or exploring way but just felt right.

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