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Long weekend at work

So I am the low man on the scale at work. My job is with the City I work in dispatch and am one of the people responsible for getting road crews, hydro and sewer crews out to fix problems wherever they occur. My boss is a very attractive woman named Jamie. She stands about 152 centimeters and dark chestnut hair that is short at the back but gets long at the front. It matches her deep espresso eyes. She dressed very professionally at work ankle length skirts, blouses and blazers that type of thing. She has perky c cup breasts that when she trots or runs through the office they have a nice firm bounce. She looked to me to be about thirty five.
She has no rings on her fingers so she is not married and not to my recollection does she mention a man in her life. The only jewelry at all were gold hoops in her ears and a gold watch. She always smells like wild flowers and is very kind to her people and never seems to have a bad day.
I myself am single, bi-sexual and have not had a date in a while. Never found anyone open enough to keep a relationship working. They seem cool about it at first then when the novelty wears off they are gone. So I work a lot. Like I said I am new to my post too, so I pull a lot of weekends and holidays because the senior people come first. Also I have nothing better to do.
I was working a holiday Monday in the office in case an emergency crew was needed somewhere in the city, Jamie when telling me I had to work a fourth straight weekend was very apologetic and seemed upset no one would take it for me and she promised to make it up to me somehow. I told her not to worry I had no family but the others did.
In the last few weeks it seemed Jamie was flirting with me and a few of the other guys around the office took notice and were teasing me.
I did not think much of it. Just office fun really.
Office socializing I thought.
It was after I let it slip to her that I was bi that she really started to get closer when we talked. Touched me more often on the arm or shoulder, even brushing herself against me in the hallway. I seemed to have her in my office more as well. I thought she was another woman intrigued by the novelty of being with a bi guy.

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