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Local Hunting

Local Hunting.

It was the easter holidays and I was home from school for a while, but James was away skiing so I was a little alone with no one to “play” with. I took to a couple of websites and apps to try and find someone locally who’d “play” with me. After a few fruitless attempts I found a nice young guy called Jamie who said he’d like to have me round for some fun. So we went through the formalities and we arranged that I’d head over to his one evening.

When that evening came I was excited, the only people I’d really played with were James and a couple of the guys at school in the dorms. Nothing like this before. Luckily my I had the house to myself that day so I could spend all of it getting ready. I looked out a fairly simple dress, a small red affair with a lacy trim, it matched my hair which I had grown down to my shoulders and dyed it a slightly reddy-brown colour. A pair of calf length red boots a similar shade lipstick and a pair of black fishnets with small holes with an open crotch finished the look. Underneath all that I slipped on a tight little black lacy crotchless play suit. Most of it was cut away, but was mildly padded around my breast. I decided on a little make up, some winged eyeliner and the red lipstick. Nothing too much, my usual subtle look. And of course, shaved all over.

I hopped in my car and drove tentatively over to his place, it was a way out of the small town I lived in, nestled in the countryside it was a small cottage. I pulled up his gravel drive and sat in my car for a minute. I checked my hair and make up before a walked over to his front door. I knocked and he opened it, he was taller than I was even with my heeled boots and he looked cute but very strong. He was wearing jeans and a shirt. His hair was neat and swept across, he welcomed me in and lead me through to the lounge. I sat on the leather sofa, the feel of the leather against my thighs was new, it sent a tingle up my spine. I was already getting excited, I daintily crossed my legs as he sat next to me placing one arm over my shoulder.

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