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Lilith RIDes Again

I had almost given up all hope of finding a man online in time before my girlfriend and kid came home the next day. Finally at 4am a reply, his name was Todd. HE was on his way, one hour later he arrived. I got really dolled up for him this time; makeup, my favorite pink mini skirt and thigh highs on my smooth legs. When i let him in and disrobed he smiled and said "YOu are beautiful arent you?" I blushed a little as we sat down next to each other. HE put his hand on my thigh and i looked at him " DO you like my legs baby?" I reached over and felt a rod growing in his pants. impatiently i went for his zipper and pulled it out. "OH MY GOD!" I discoverd an 8" monster. I had to see how much of it i could fit into my mouth. HE laid back and i took hold of his throbbing hammer with both hands and put it in my mouth. I licked up the front of his shaft and down the other side, when he made me suck on his suple balls. " you really like sucking my dick huh baby?" he said, "mmmhhhhmmmmmmm" i replied with my mouth full. I asked him if i could ride his dick and he said yes. I lubed up his massive cock and my tight little ass. I slid my leg over him and mounted facing him. I lined up the tip carefully and slowly sat down on it. THe head was taperd perfectly and it slid in with little pain, however his dick was twice as long as anything i had before. after half way down i was in uncharted waters, "YOur dick is double what in used to...." i said. HE smiled and thrusted the rest inside me. Overhelmed in exstacy i cried and began to ride as much as i could take. Out of nowhere he put me on my back, and then powered his manhood in me as deep as it would go..."ahhhh thats too deep!" i screamed. He fucked me slow at first as if he was making love, i had my first anal orgasm ever. HE started sliding it in and out from tip to base slowly, "AHH ITS TOO DEEP BABY!" i pleaded. He pulled back and rammed it hard, "AH AHHHH, YES, YES ,YES".

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