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Have you ever been stuck in a lift with a pretty chick who later turns out to be a shemale? Well, it’s going to be a nice time, I assure you!

Today was fucking damn day! It’s been one of ugliest days in my life. My company sent me, as a representative to take part in some high level financial talks in Japan; it was my first step to be making a good financial analyst. But my day started very bad, as I could say, my flight was delayed on 2 hours, and while I was finding my way out of the airport, and then reached the hotel I where I was supposed to stay in, I was already 3 hours late for meeting. The second tour was put off on 8 pm, so I asked a concierge lady to wake me up at 7.30 pm, but they didn’t. I was very angry, so, having shaved somehow, I made my way to the meeting.

Finally, I stopped one taxi and talked the driver into taking me to the downtown that was 15 minute drive from where I stayed at. As I entered the business center I rushed to the lift and began to push 23 floor button willing to get there as fast as possible. As the door closed I found there was one Japanese girl with me in the lift. Her long black hair was ponytailed and angel face looked so innocent. I saw a grin on her face; she smiled and told me something in her Japanese. I said: “Hi” in broken English she said her name was Lily. I complimented her with her English, and I thought she was smiling at the clots of shaving foam left on my face.

Suddenly, she approached me and started kissing me passionately. My tongue fondled her sweet lips as well as sensitive young mouth. She stopped for a while and noted my cock that started growing down there, seeing it she showed her thumbs up to me, slapped my ass and then we joined our lips back in kiss. It was wonderful, this cute petite Asian lassie drove me crazy, and I never had such an influx of crunk before. Like a cute nymph, with her tongue she was sensing every tiniest spot of my mouth. I was in seventh heaven of that.

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