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Where do I start?
How about at the beginning. My name is Cal I am divorced and living alone. I am not a bad catch I am five foot eleven, short black hair, green eyes and no visible scars. I am a regular at the gym so I am in shape but not ripped. A seven inch uncut cock that I can use well. I dress nicely and have a good job.
My friends Don and Lisa were feeling sorry for me they knew how ugly my divorce was and how lonely I was so they invited me to their pool party last weekend. They said there would be some single women there and I might find someone I like. Me I thought I would go have a few drinks then come home to my lonely apartment.
Okay, I thought at least it gets me out of the apartment for an afternoon.
I met some friends I knew there and mingled a little bit and several times Lisa brought over girls to introduce to me, but after small talk the interest was not there. That is until I saw Leslie across the yard. She was medium height, shoulder length chestnut brown hair, brown eyes with what appeared to be a generous c cup chest. She was wearing a black string bikini top and a tropical looking sarong with what I assumed was a matching bikini bottom underneath but I could not see it. She wore flip flops and had painted toe nails. She was average in body type. Not slim but not chubby either. A bit of a curve to her hips but she wore it nicely. I put her around my age at about 32.
I finished my beer and went over to her when I saw her at the desert table and introduced myself. She was cuter up close and had a sexiness that seemed to be natural to her. We chatted for some time and found a few common interests, enough for me to ask her to a little coffee house near work a few days later.
She accepted happily and gave me her phone number. I was so happy that I finally felt a connection with somebody. It had been so long I was beginning to loose hope.
A few days went by and I called her and set up a date for the following day. We both met after work and had what was suppose to be a quick cup of coffee but we ended up going out to dinner afterwards and I did not get home until almost eleven that night.

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