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Las Vegas Lounge

I frequent the Las Vegas lounge quite often when possible. I have meant and dated several trannies and crossdressers. One of the girls I was dating was a tiny very feminine black trannie with a cock so big that when she tucked it between her ass it almost came over the waistband of the back of her panties. When she would sit in my lap I could easily feel the head of her huge 10 inch cock. She was very sexy and so beautiful and very irresistible. She had very nice small tittles and a sweet ass that tasted so good. When we would leave the lounge in a taxi she loved teasing the taxi driver. While kissing her she would allow me to put my hands up her skirt and massage her huge cock through her panties. She would allow me to put my hands up her blouse or her tight fitting shirt all the while the taxi driver was looking in his rearview mirror and occasionally look back not knowing that we wanted him to enjoy the show we were putting on for him. We could tell he was having a hard time concentrating on driving us to our destination which was about 15 minutes away. He also never had both hands on the steering wheel. We always made sure we called him for our ride since he anxiously offered up his name and number and asked us to please call him first.

One night we decided to give some real exposure, so I pulled her cock out and started stroking her and sucking her amazing cock. He was really enjoying the show and asked if we would mind if he took us to a secluded spot so he could watch me suck her off to completion. He told us it would be no charge since he was an independent. She was so turned on that she agreed. She was so hard at the thought that he wanted to watch that she was fucking my face with wild abandonment. He pulled his cock out and was jerking off telling us how thrilled he was to be watching. I sat up and pulled her panties off while pulling my pants down and positioned her in my lap as I slid my cock inside her ass. As she was bouncing up and down her cock was inches from the driver and he asked if he could stoke her cock while she was fucking me, and she allowed him, as he was stroking her he had his head so close that he wanted it in his mouth.

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