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Lady and the Cop

A cab pulled up to the front door of the Orbit Lounge bar and three curvaceous figures, Regina, Alice and Rita stepped out, paid the cabbie, and moved gracefully towards the main entrance. They were all so jubilant and any observer would suspect correctly that they were already under the influence. Most of the time they projected subtle feminine confidence, in spite of the fact that they sometimes felt the wrath of men who belittled them.
They had long ago accepted their status as a bizarre version of a female bazarro, like in the superman comics. Regina didn’t feel like she was the negative version of a real woman. She function like a female on many basic issues. No she couldn’t have babies or periods, that doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t be a good mom if she chose to be. She wasn’t an outlandish horrible version of something that was pure and untouchable. She was part of that same femininity that glowed on the girls with Vaginas and shunned the girls without, girls like her
Shemales were just as beautiful, if not more so than some natural born
females. This is why she and her friends function like they do. She always thought that Shemales tried harder, and in some cases lots of men preferred Shemales, even those who won’t admit it. Shemales like Regina and her friends could become number one because, Tgirls naturally knew what a man wanted and gave it to him. Real women would never take the physical act to the same levels. Men loved all the little things that T girls did, things that real women would never imagine doing. Tgirls have an obvious advantage. Of course men know that they aren’t the real thing, but they were such great imitations that it didn’t matter that they had male genitals. Even with male genitalia, they scored high on the arousal meters. There’s was something that she knew all men liked: fucking a hot Shemale with a bouncing cock. At least all the men she had been with felt that way. It was just something to occupy him like a toy. Men loved toys. She believed that she did everything better than real women because she made herself become more convincing and desirable.

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