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After seven long years of sitting around, questioning my sexuality and fantasizing over the one thing I thought I could never have, I finally decided it was time to make a move. I was going to experiment with my sexuality, I was going to look for a real live hot tranny to meet up with and have sex with and hopefully I would enjoy it as much as I had always fantasized I would.

I had been interested in transsexuals since I was in high school, when a freak encounter with one of the computers led me to catch sight of something I did not expect to see. The computers were shared with every class that came into the room throughout the course of the day, and apparently, whoever had used my computer in the class before me had decided it would be funny to leave a picture of a very hot and very well endowed transsexual as the back-round on the computer. I scrambled to find a way to remove it, but could not figure out how to do it at all. I called on the teacher to help but he surprisingly had no idea how to do it either, go figure the teacher does not even know how to work the computers in his own classroom. I was forced to try and ignore this picture and just carry on with my work, I did the best I could but by the time I got home the image had been engraved into my mind and I spent the entire weekend thinking about it.

It eventually began driving me insane trying to figure out what it meant that a picture like that turned me on and I found myself searching up more images and films on the internet that involved these beautiful creatures known to the porn industry as she-males.

The first question that came to my head; was I gay,

I did not know because honestly I still liked girls, in fact at the time I had a beautiful girlfriend who I had been dating for quite some time and hooking up with her was still just as fun as it had been before all of this had begun. After quite some time of struggling with it I decided, it was best to keep this a complete secret and do my best to treat it as if it did not even exist...I tried but it was, easier said than done.

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