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After my epiphany, after my fainting, after my two near consecutive, mind melting orgasms, I was ready to meet the world with new resolve. No longer would I keep my true self under wrap. I was ready to become Janine, however I was going to have to be cautious, for the time being anyway. The first thing I wanted to do was to finally doll myself up, I had only gotten as far as panties and hose before. “Lets go Janine” I said to myself. I sat at the dresser and looked at the dizzying array of cosmetics and knew I was in trouble. “What’s a girl to do?” I mused…of course. I might be getting on in years, but I was aware of the seemingly millions of how to videos on the internet. And, frankly, I was surprised and heartened by the number of videos that seemed tailored to my needs.
After watching and re watching the makeup tutorial several times I was amazed at my success. I was able to put on the base, and powder with ease…the eyes, I discovered, took a bit of skill but after several attempts I had a quite adequate smoky eye. When my makeup was to my liking I put the lovely red wig on and was absolutely amazed at the outcome. I beheld in the mirror what I had longed for so very long. I was a beautiful, feminine, sexy creature. The long red tresses fell 8 inches down past my shoulders. When I shook my head to and fro the curls tickled my shoulders and brushed lightly on my swelled pouty nipples. “Holy Cow, Im getting horny again” I laughed to myself. “Shit, I’m going to become be the horniest slut in the state.
Those words made me consider my earlier fantasy. “Dave would freak out if he knew what I’ve been thinking” I thought. I shook the wig again, purposely tickling my nipples this time as I thought about Dave. We had been friends for over 20 years and had spent untold hours together, drinking, watching football, fishing, and working together. We were at one time gym buddies, but I had slacked off a lot in the past decade and had stopped altogether when my wife died. I hadn’t worked out with Dave in almost a year but now as I thought about that session my fingers found my nipples once again and they started making circles around the areolas with the tips of my digits touching the nips themselves.

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