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Italian hoe!

Verona is a nice city. Here, a motherland of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, there are lots of places of interest to see and enjoy. Verona has much more to offer. The city, also known as Urbs Nobilissima, is the second biggest city in Veneto (after Venice). It is one of the cities that has better preserved its artistic heritage for Italy. By visiting Verona it’s highly important to know its most famous monuments in town, for example the Roman Amphitheater, commonly known as The Arena. It was constructed in the first century outside the city walls, but in the third century the walls were extended to include this arena.

I checked in a nice place, a big red brick house, two-storied building. This house was built and designed in best ways of baroque style. I lived on the second floor, with windows overlooking the stone paved street that remembered old time of wars between greedy feudal lords and townsmen fighting for their rights and freedom. Well, the whole area was inspiring holy antiquity and the dark middle ages. The landlady, who rented this apartment to me, was a well built sexy still beautiful widow, who looked very hot and exciting for her ages. It was tall black haired lustful Italian woman, with everything to turn on. She was glad to accommodate me, a young tall, good looking son of a bitch, but I thought it would be wrong to have any intercourse with her.

Once in a year this city was crowded with thousands of tourists and idle gapers who came from all regions of Italy and Europe to see and join grand festivals, streets carnivals. Have to admit, there were lots of hot chicks on streets of the city, most of them were hot and very impulsive (as most Italian women). But I was most interested in chicks of commercial sex. They interested me more. I wondered where I could meet such ladies of pleasures. I thought most of them should be oldies, thirtish or elder, tired with their continuous despair and lack of any creature comforts. Soon I learnt more….

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