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In the deep woods

Our forum star, Fran, wrote another little story for all of us and, although it doesn't boast any hardcore action, it's still very delightful.

In the course of my job some years ago, it often took me into the deep woods. One day I was off in the foothills and thought I would be by myself so I was somewhat in-appropriately dressed. I had chosen on this day I would wear my tan short shorts and a tight white blouse but because it was a hot day I had tied it at the waist so my mid-riff was showing and I had worn my black bra. I was covered but it did show through. Cowboy boots and a baseball cap finished my attire. Come to think of it, I must look pretty weird. I was always afraid of bear, coyotes and moose in the woods so I also carried a 357 handgun.

I was out on a gravel road and pulled my vehicle to the side. I got out and thought I was in quiet surroundings but soon heard a truck gearing up the hill. It is logging country and here comes a big black Mack, loaded heavy with logs. I thought I recognized it and sure enough, the driver recognized me. I had been here many times before and you get to meet people. You don't think a trucker is going to stop for a hot looking blonde out in the middle of nowhere? Think again!

It was Jake. I had met him many times before. He is an old sweet trucker. Sixty if he is a day. We exchange small talk and then he asked if I wanted to ride into the mill with him.

"Sure". I had ridden before so I climbed in. We'd be back in an hour.

Down the road we went, big diesel thundering and rolling up the dust.

"Jake, before we get to the main highway, I got to take a whiz."

"O-kay" he says and pulls to a stop. I jump out and stand right by the corner of the cab and do business. Back into the cab in less time than it takes to play the Minute Waltz.

"Fran", you can go quicker than any girl I know.

Jake doesn't know I'm pre-op' TS and he doesn't need to know. I lay back in the seat, feet up on the dash. Jake notices but that's all. He is not interested in messing around. He just enjoys the company.

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