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I'd been Will's little CD slut every time that I'd overnighted in his city for about a year. That was one night every other week. He was always very good to me, bringing wine to my room and spoiling me with his gentleness as he had his way with me. He loved to have me lie still while he teased me all over with his tongue and feathers, sometimes fur gloves. He made me crazy with desire for a good hour before finally fucking me or having me suck his beautiful cock. One night he told me that he was being transferred and our time together was about to come to an end. He asked if I'd indulge him in a long time fantasy of his on my next trip, which would be our final night together. I quickly promised him that I'd do anything he asked of me. He said"Anything?" I said absolutely anything, because I fully trusted him. He said he wanted the night to be a surprise, so I was told nothing of what he had in mind.
When our night arrived, Will came to my room earlier than usual, and had an outfit for me to wear. It was a pair of nipple clamps with a chain between them; a leather waist cincher, a leather g-string, and fishnet thigh high stockings with a very hot pair of high heels. He dressed me, then blindfolded me, handcuffed me, and put a choker and chain around my neck. This was quite a surprise, because I'd never had him want to restrain me in any way before, and I'd never been restrained in my life! Ever. What happened next was even more of a shock. He led me out of my motel room like that! Into the parking lot and into his car. I was speechless; scared suddenly, but still very exited. I had no idea if I'd been seen by anyone else for sure, but I had heard voices and car doors opening, etc. Will told me to be silent and remember that I had assured him of my trust. I nodded in agreement.
We drove somewhere for about 15 minutes and he led me into a house, I could hear several men's voices; music playing, and I was being paraded around while Will spoke to other men, telling them that this is Dana our special guest.

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