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I love Pocahontas First encounter

I love Pocahontas
First encounter

You seen the video of her wearing white with her huge ass bouncing around on daytona beach,guys are stopping her and at the end of the video a couple guys have her and her friend in their room dancing,i was in Daytona celebrating my birthday that same weekend,we'll get back this. Her ass and tattos have became legend,she goes by Pocahontas,big booty keke,krystal.this ass is unreal i mean stop traffic big she has another video on YouTube walking in a tight black and white skirt i mean her ass is unbelievable,so back to the weekend,our first night there i saw her walking down the strip i couldn't believe the amazing monster ass i saw bouncing,the closer we got we noticed her and her other friend were transsexuals,i had never thought about being with an transsexual before this,as we walked away i made sure no one was watching i turned around and got another look at it,we partied that night away and did the same the following night which was my birthday we went to a club and took x,returned to our hotel,we called a couple of girls we met but go no answers,on the way back to the hotel i saw them again she was wearing the white skirt from the now infamous video,so as we sat around we smoked a few joints and the later it got the hornier i got,i started thinking about that ass,i told myself i just wanted to touch it,and that turned into the thought of a blow job,i looked around our hotel room and noticed my 2 buddies has crashed a sleep,it was my bday so i took more x than they did,it was 4:30 am and i was wide awoke and horny,thats when i decided to go back out and walk the strip,i didnt think she would still be out,my plan was to hopefully find a drunk girl out,as soon as walked out of my hotel down the street to my right was the monster ass bouncing down the street,i looked around and noticed we were the only ones out,i said to myself "fk this i got touch that ass,i don't care if she us transsexual,i headed after

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