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I hope your willing, and that you love shiny Spandex

I am looking for a woman, or a good look-a-like... (i.e. a trany, a ladyboy, a shemale, etc.etc.). No I am not gay, me I am what is called:" Bi-curious" If you as I do, enjoy drawing attention, or being and feeling sexy as often as possible, and this at any time of day... GREAT! Because I do. Like myself you MUST be NON jealous, and very open minded. I love to be a tease, or being teased, if you love same, then we understand each other already. (This makes for a good start). I also love trying new things, so I hope you can feel free, or confident enough to talk about your true desires,fetishes, and fantasies without beating around the bush for too long etc. After all... Being KINKY won't do you any harm. If you enjoy going out, or inviting friends over for a meal, or a private sex party, even any other form of good times. Talk to me, I'm all ears. Tell me something about "YOUR" fantasies, & fetishes, and please don't be shy, because I always want to make us both happy. Go for it, I am so open minded, you can truly tell me what you'd love, you won't shock me, and please consider my top wish: "I'd realy enjoy being someone's boy-toy." Meanwhile kisses to you all. XXX.

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