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I finally take the plunge

I'd been crossdressing for a few months at this point but I'd never gone outside while dressed in women's clothing. I'd been to the shops once, wearing one of my outfits under my normal male clothes; that's the closest I've ever been but even that gave me an intense thrill. Even under a fairly loose coat, I'm sure people could make out the outline of my breast forms. Since that little trip to the shops had got me so aroused, I was determined to do it properly next time so I decided that the following Friday I would go clubbing in town.

Friday came and I'd bought a new outfit just for the occasion. I slipped into my low rise boy shorts (black with white spots and white lacing), tucking my penis in where it wouldn't get in the way of course. I put on my matching bra, filling it with my C cup breast forms and then put on my black stockings with pink ribbon at the top, pulling them all the way up my thighs. I put on my very short black skirt next, sliding it up so far as to just barely cover my rear end. Fortunately, I'd been blessed with an arse that any woman would kill for so I could pull off wearing a skirt this small. The skirt had suspenders which I connected to my stockings. I finished off my outfit by putting on a tight black chiffon top with a scooped neck. I adjusted my breasts so that I got some pretty good cleavage, one that would put most women's to shame.

Next I had to put my make up on. The good thing about having been crossdressing at home in private for so long was that I got a lot of practice putting make up on, so it was no trouble for me to put on some foundation, eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss to make me look that bit more feminine. I had already shaved so all I had to do in this department was pluck a few stray hairs that my razor couldn't get to. I sprayed on some of my best perfume then got my wig out to put on. It was a wavy auburn coloured wig with slight black streaks that reached down to just past my shoulder blades.

After this I was done, so I went downstairs and to my front door.

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