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Humiliation & full outing

I'd been meeting 2 older men regularly for a few months when we started to talk of more 'humiliating use of me'.

They soon arranged to meet me in a hotel in the next city across from where I was living at the time & I made my way across one night to meet up with them.

When I arrived they where soon desperate for me to get dressed so they could start. As i got out of the bathroom transformed they where both quickly all over me, fingers searching out every hole I had, spanking and grabbing my ass.

I was soon pushed to my knees and started alternating between cocks in front of me, sucking and wanking, changing when I was pulled off one cock as the other wanted sucking. They soon blew a load each all over my face & then the humiliation started. a video camera came out and my cum covered face was recorded before I was pulled up to the bed and cuffed to it, ass in the air, unable to stop anything, totally helpless - just like we had talked about.

The camera was zooming in on my exposed sissy hole as they started to slide fingers inside it, with me moaning on camera as I was used by these 2 dominant men. One then pulled out one of the big dildos he had bought, sliding all 10 inches of it gradually inside my hole as I begged on camera for him to push more and more of it inside my sissy ass as I proudly proclaimed how much I loved cock and being a sissy, them bringing the camera around to my face as I exposed myself as a cock loving sissy crossdresser.

They passed the camera back and forth between them as they took turns rough fucking my ass over and over, in between dildo fucking me as they caught their breath & got hard again. After they had enough & couldn't fuck any more they told me they where leaving...but I was staying.

They took the lipstick I'd brought with me and started to write over my ass and back about what a sissy I was, how much I needed cock & how I had begged for them to treat me like this - which was all true.

As they left they blindfolded me and then pushed the big dildo up me again & tied across my ass to keep it there until I was found.

The morning after I was uncuffed by a maid & management quickly ushered me out of the hotel, banning me & the 2 guys from visiting ever again

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