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How Nina's fuckhole was broken in.

I wrote this story a while ago and saved it. It isnt tranny related at all, it is just a short story about when i lost my anal virginity. If it isnt very relevant to this site, tell me, and ill remove it. It is entitled 'Giving my anal cherry away'.

I am no stranger to gay sex. I have sucked a hell of a lot of cocks. Saunas,dogging spots, toilet gloryholes, you name it. But I have always been scared of being fucked for the first time. Scared but intrigued..
I remember being fingered properly for the first time and it hurt. Then once at the cruising spot I go to in the forest, a nice old man lubed my bottom IP really nicely and gave me a loving fingering. That was very nice..
Still scared though, I always thought about what it would feel like. Having a real pulsating hard cock pumping inside me. I have masturbated over the thought of that a million times!
So here is my story of when a man fucked my tight arse for the first time. I hope you all like it!
I had been talking to a nice older man on the internet and he invited me over one morning. He told me to walk in and take off my shoes, and come straight upstairs! I was very excited. I walked upstairs and I was greeted by a sexy slim 47 year old. I felt so shy! Even though I'd had some pretty hardcore encounters in the past, suddenly I felt so submissive.
I was led into his bedroom. He took my clothes off slowly. I then stripped him off, I couldn't wait to get his cock in my mouth! He was about 7 inches, with a lovely thick shaft, a tasty foreskin and gorgeous big balls. I lay down on my back on his bed and he knelt next to my face, feeding me his cock.
I wanted to impress him so I tried really hard to give him a sloppy, noisy, filthy blowjob. I think he was enjoying it because he kept on grabbing my head and forcing his penis down my throat.. Mmmm I was choking on his cock and I loved it.
Suddenly, I heard the front door open! I was naked with a mouthful of cock in a strangers bed. I was helpless. I heard footsteps up the stairs. Then a chubby grey haired man stood over the bed and watched me sucking cock for a minute or two. He proceeded to strip off, and got on the bed, in between my legs. I still had a mouthful of cock!

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