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How Kevin Became Finesse

Monica went out with JJ! He was a black buff guy who taught karate where she took the kids. He drove a yellow corvette and liked to wear shirts with the sleeves cut off - to show off his big tattooed arms! All the young blonde girls were on his jock, but he had the eyes for Monica. She kept protesting to him that she was married, but JJ could care less - he had a thing for Asian cunt. When I found out from her about JJ, I was outraged. She told me that he had asked her to blow him. When she saw how pissed off I was, she backtracked and said he was only joking.

I mean, obviously there was nothing a skinny little white guy like me could do about it. I knew that JJ could kick my punk ass anytime he wanted. His muscley arms were bigger than my LEGS! So I talked a lot of shit to Monica, and I know she wouldn't have fucked him if I had just left it at that, she still had some respect for me as a man and a husband at that point. But then when I got horny, I would bring him up and talk about him when we were having sex.

She told me that the first time they had sex was when JJ told her to stay when the others left. He told her he wanted to work with her and show her some holds. He got her from behind in a hold so strong she was helpless to move. JJ told her that the hold was called, "The Rear Naked Choke." He relaxed his grip and released her. When she turned she saw that JJ was completely naked! She told me that he had a totally GORGEOUS hunky body! All hard black muscles, dark cocoa brown skin - and a HUGE hard cock! It was 12, fuckin' INCHES!

JJ told Monica to take off her gi. She stripped down nude and JJ put her back in the Rear Naked Choke. This time Monica relaxed in his big strong arms, as she felt his cock near her vagina, and then enter the mouth of her wet cunt. She whimpered, unable to move, as JJ worked that hard black meat, inch by inch into her naked cunt. And he wasn't wearing a rubber! The feel of his huge cock in her tight vagina, plus being held immobile in the choke hold, made Monica feel SO fuckin` SUBMISSIVE! Although she had fucked a LOT of men before our marriage, this was her first black man. Now she knew what the women meant when they said, "Once you go black, you'll never go back."

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