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How i became a Transexual Tart

This is my true story of how i became a Ladyboy. I grew up in a small town in the UK, Where i lived there wasnt many females in the same age group as me and my friends most of the girls were much older than us which left the boys sexually frustrated alot of the time. My best friend Alan was always frustrated and would always find an excuse to touch me or show me his cock. One day when we had the house to ourselves we had some alcohol to drink and we watched a porno together, Alan got very hard and started to stroke his cock in front of me, i told him to put it away but he had other ideas. He came over to where i was sitting and started to rub his hard cock all over my face, i didnt say anything except giggle nervously. He took this as a sign that i was enjoying his cock being rubbed against me and started to push his cock into my mouth, it was the first time i tasted cock and i liked its salty taste and sweaty smell, i started to lick all around the hard bell end and dipped my tongue into his pee hole. He was moaning quite loud by now and grabbing at my hair quite roughly, i told him to please go easy, he then asked me to go to the bedroom with him which i did, He told me to get naked and get on all fours which i nervously did but i was also excited because i knew what he wanted. He got behind me and started to finger my arsehole with a wet finger then two and three fingers went into my arse, i felt so bad and a bit embarrased that i was on display to Alan so easily. It was then that he asked me to go to my mums room and put her clothes on, i was quite shocked at his request but i got up and went into my mums room and opend her cabinat, Alan was beside me and told me to put on her knickers which i did, then he asked me to put a pair of tights on which he found in the drawer, i put the dark tights on and i felt quite good and i wanted to please him, next he had me put on a black dress which he got from the wardrobe, i put it on over the tights and knickers that i had put on for him, he then told me to put her makeup on which i did quite well as it was my first time.

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