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How I Became a 'SHAMAN

Every one is programed by society to play a certian role in life,that they are taught is reality,how ever, the truth is reality is what ever you want to make it! this is what magic is all about,making your own reality. I played the manly role in life for fourty-four years until I realized this,and became free of society's brain washing!. Sometimes I would take a porno magazine and look at the pictures of the women in it and fantasize I was the one fucking the beautiful women in it and masterbate,and one day I noticed a small ad of a man dressed in drag and realized, yes a person could reverse the gender role!and although I love beatiful women and having sex with them,and still do,I knew if I reversed the role that I could experience the different feelings and emotions and sensations of the other side!,because I knew that it felt good to fuck or get fucked and I read a book about sex magic and learned all about it.I looked into the mirror and noticed that I had breasts bigger than a man's should be,then deep hidden subconcience memories began to surface!and I remembered many episodes all through my life starting the earliest one when I was about thirteen years old my dad introduced me to a friend of his and the man said I 'had tit's like a fourteen year old girl' I remember that I didn't understand why I should have, it puzzed and confused me,so I would just block such thoughts out of my mind.I blocked such thoughts out of my mind until that day when I was forty-four years old, looked in the mirror and was honest with myself that I indeed had tit's like a woman, and realized that I was one of those people that could cross over the gender line.So,I bought a blonde wig because I love blonde's, and if I was going to pretend to be a woman,I wanted to be a blonde.then I made the video "tammy the Witch" at first just for my own entertainment,I never planned for any one else to see it, It was the very first time that I experimented with my sexuality! and wow I really look good for fifty years old.

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