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How I became a GURL part II

So I'm in college now, I've learned to love and use porn in all its forms, I've learned to be a great cock sucker and to have my ass fucked. I've learned to tie myself up -- as best as possible -- to pee all over myself to get that humiliating feeling. I'd spread the porn mags all over the floor and spend the entire night playing, trying to shoot my cum onto a photo of a cock so that I could lick it up.

The feeling of release whenever I gave in to all of those instincts was fantastic!

I loved cock! But I was a horny 20 something and still chasing pussy. Eventually the girlfriends started to give in and I got my first handful of titty, ate my first pussy, fingered my first cunt. My girlfriends were lovely and fun, but it took until I was 23 before one finally let me fuck her. Having been on the other end of a good fuck, I knew just what I was doing and we had a great time. I couldn't help thinking, however, the whole time my cock is sliding in and out of her sweet red-headed cunt, that I wanted to be the one getting fucked -- but like her, as a girl!

The more pussy I got, the hornier I stayed. I jacked off four or five times a day on top of getting cunt once or twice a week. But even when I was getting laid all the time, the thirst for cock was still there. Sometimes after laying my girlfriend, I'd go to the bookstore and suck cock and have my ass plowed. Maybe if I had lucked on a domme girl things would have been different. But they were all nice girls, very conventional, not kinky at all. In short it wasn't enough. I needed nasty, kinky, dirty, humiliating sex and most of all I needed cock!

Then I met a girl at work and fell head over heels in love. She wasn't drop dead gorgeous or anything -- just a pretty girl next door -- athletic, with a cute face, firm legs, great smile but small tits. And, it turned out, she was a lesbian. We formed an incredibly deep, loving friendship. But with a cock instead of a dripping slit between by legs, I wasn't going anywhere with her. Knowing she was a lesbo drove me crazy! It turned me on SO much! As a homo myself, I totally got where she was cumming from, but I loved her so much and wanted her so much, all the more when I saw her with her female lovers and thought about what they were doing.

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