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How I became a cute femboy CD part 3

about forty-five minutes after midnight and found two boys sitting on opposite sides of the couch playing a video game and teasing one another about how bad the other one sucks. My mom talked to us for a while and went to bed and by this time it was almost two am and we were tired so decided to go to bed ourselves.

I have two twin beds in my room so I was going to sleep in one and Kevin the other. When we got to my room Kevin stripped and put on a clean tee shirt that was a little oversized and his underwear and got into bed. I grinned and changed into a red camisole, kept my red panties on, put on my blonde wig with the straight hair, quickly used some blush on my cheeks and then put on some lipstick. I then crawled into bed with Kevin.

“Nate, what the hell…you mom….you better change and get to your own bed.” He protested.

“Shhhh,” I kissed him, “My mom never comes into my room and I locked my door. I want to put you in my mouth again before we go to sleep. And who is this Nate person? Should I be jealous?”

Kevin gave in because my hand had been playing with his cock and he was hard again. I gave him another blow job, he came in my mouth, and then I jerked myself off while he fingered my butt. He put a pillow over my mouth to muffle my moans because I was getting too loud as he fucked my ass with his finger. After I came and once again cleaned myself off and ate my own fluid, I got out of his bed to go to mine.

“You can sleep with me if you want.”

I did want to and I did. I set my alarm for nine am, I knew my mother would sleep later than that, so I could change and wash up before my mom got up; and got back in bed with him. I lay on my side with my back to him and he wrapped his arms around me and pressed his body against mine and we fell asleep like that.

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