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How did i get here?

I’m a thin, pretty good looking 30 years old guy, living with the girl of his dreams. But a girl without a cock is no longer enough now.

All my life I considered myself as a straight guy, even if sometimes duchbags at school called me a fag. I only dated girls, prefered long love stories over one night shots.
If I want to be honest, I asked nearly all of them to fuck me in the ass with dildos and strapons. As far as i remember, i have been loving anal sex since the begining of my sex life. So maybe I’m not that straight finaly ?

Those past few years, I started to watch shemale porn, being a bit fed up with « actual »porn. This turned me on a lot and I started dreaming of sucking shemale’s cock, being fucked by many shemales. Reversed gang bang were among my favourite videos. And then, I realized that being a shemale would be even better. And the idea is everyday bigger in my head. I couldn’t help it, I liked picturing myself with women cloths, with a smooth and close-shaved body, sexy lingerie, playing with dildos, practicing for the real ones. I have known since the begining that it would be the only way out.

Thanks to a lot of weed, daily poppers and hypno training videos, I dressed and made-up like a girl everyday, resting home, doing nothing but jerking in front of crossdressing and shemale fucking vids. I didn’t care, what I wanted was a nice big fat real cock..

I want to kneel in front of a man, open his troussers, take his big juicy cock out of his pants and suc kit with delight and passion. How many times did I dream of being a slut surrounded by many guys, wanking and sucking all these cocks. It’s not what a straight guy should think right ?

I started to train my ass like crazy, enjoying the pleasure of a double penetration and the taste of my own ass doing ass-to-mouth regularly. I only cum thinking of sucking a big cock with big dildos up m yass. I imagine myself on all four having two dicks in my sissy pussy, sucking two others in front of me. What a fucking whore I am. I know one day, this fantasy will come true and this will be the dawning of a new life, a sissy fucking cumslut, happy to please guys whenever they want, waiting for them attached by a leach, my hands cuffed in my back, on my knees, my cock caged a huge buttplug up my ass.

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