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His first anal!

Andrew was a very simple guy. He was not aggressive, very quiet and nice. Actually he was not quarrelsome, just a man of peace. But we all know that still waters run deep. Over the past few years, Andrew had longed for being penetrated. Vehemently. He needed to be bent over something and fucked thoroughly. He didn’t consider himself a gay, but anyway he felt the hard need for some anal penetration. He first discovered his longings when he was masturbating. One day, while jerking off he placed a finger in his arse. The orgasm was terrific, it was like heaven swim. This orgasm turned to be far more intense than usual. From this day onward, Andrew had entered the world of anal pleasure.

After many months of experimenting, sometimes with dildos or vibrators, Andrew decided that he really needed a real cock inside. As he wasn’t a gay, he would not certainly dare ask any man’s cock penetrate him. But then he realized that a shemale would be the best solution! From time to time Andrew watched some shemale porn and enjoyed greatly seeing a chick with a dick taking a large member inside her rectum.

One Friday, he planned a trip to the nearest city in order to visit a transsexual bar or night-club. It was Friday evening, the club located in the southern hoods. As he arrived at the club, he was mesmerized by the loud music playing. Then he noticed a tall, blonde shemale, standing innocently at the bar. He rather guessed than recognized a shemale in this cute nice babe. She looked very feminine, in appearance and in terms of her manners. She had a well shaped figure, which turned Andrew on. He thought he had to approach her.

“Hi! Can I buy you a drink?” Andrew felt quite confident in approaching the shemale. She looked at Andrew and smiled. She thought Andrew was quite attractive and decided to accept his offer:

“Yes. I’ll have a Smirnoff”

Andrew offered her drink, and then began to test this shemale. The she said her name was Silvia. Soon after a short talk Silvia started getting excited by a cute guy talking to her, she could feel her shaft becoming harder and harder. She felt she had to fuck him:

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