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Her First Encounter

Chrissie took him back to her apartment. He sat on her couch and sipped at his drink while easing slowly toward her on the couch. He put his arm around her shoulder; Chrissie felt so excited and felt her cock hardening.

He started kissing her and pulled her close.Chrissie sucked on his tongue.One by one, he stripped off all her clothes while he remained dressed. She opened his shirt buttons, stroked his chest hair, and teased his nipples. He pulled off her panties exposing her cock.He took her hard she meat in his hand and began stroking her shaft.

Chrissie couldn't believe how good it felt to have another person playing with her shaft. She started to open his pants, but he gently pushed her hands away.

"I like to treat my women right" he said.

He sucked her nipples, caressing her ass and squeezing her cock till she was panting loud. He ran his finger up the crack of her ass, teasing gently at her tight ass ring but not entering it. He licked her chest, her neck her firm tummy.

He told her she was sexy and how much she turned him on. Then he told her to stand in front of him.Then he did something that made her crazy, he took her cock in his mouth and began sucking!

He pulled on her ass cheeks to keep her closer to his face as he sucked, and licked her shemale cock. He teased it with his tongue and blew on it. He reached up and pinched one of her hardened nipples.Chrissie had never experienced such unbelievable sex, and was helpless before such horniness!Then he pulled his head up.

"Do you want to cum?" he asked.

"Yes" Chrissie answered.

"Then tell me how much you want it,” He told her.

"I want to cum" Chrissie told him.

He gave a couple hard sucks on the tip of her cock. "Tell me how much you want it,” he demanded.

"Beg me for it."

"I want to cum" Chrissie said, feeling her balls contract.

"I really need to cum.”

"That's better,” He told her, stroking his cock.

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