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I had gotten dolled up nice and slutty looking in my motel room, and had been internet chatting for a couple of hours, so I was feeling very sexy. All dressed up and nowhere to go in a small southern town. I peeked out my window and could see that the place looked pretty dead. No lights were on in the guest rooms; no cars on the street, nothing going on at all. Here I was, in platform shoes and a mini dress, face made up, and a very wet g-string from being horny and tucked for hours. I locked the room and strolled around the parking lot, then across a grassy area to where the highway bordered the motel grounds. I walked along the guard rail and got a few thrills from passing truckers blowing their horns as I strutted along, feeling all the more sexy as a result. Having gotten some appreciative trucker response, I returned to my room. I lay on the bed thinking about the attention and had just started to rub my little sissy clitty through my g-string, when my room phone rang. A mans voice said that this was the front desk, and that he'd seen me strolling around the motel grounds on the security cams. I was panicked! I couldn't speak. He then asked if I would please come to the lobby and speak with him. I was scared to death, but he sounded nice and not at all upset, so I told him I'd be right there. He escorted me behind the desk to an office. There were four monitors showing various parts of the motel grounds, and I knew I'd walked past every one of them on my stroll. Bill introduced himself and smiling all the while, told me how he thought I was a very attractive woman at first. In the well lit parking lot he'd figured out that I was a crossdresser, and was enthralled no less. In fact, he said, it made him furiously horny watching me. He said that he now had a very large problem in his pants and he moved up next to me and put his arms around me, fondling my ass and pushing his bulge into me. I knew that my situation had led me into exactly what I wanted! Bill kissed me as I fondled him through his pants at first, and then unbuckled him and pushed his pants and underwear down as I went down on my knees.

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