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Halloween Double Cross

It all started off so innocently...

My wife Jo, tall, slim, blonde, aged 40 with 34DD tits and the sexiest big ass imaginable, works as a doctor. Her hours are long and arduous. She often comes home completely worn out. Only during the holidays does she tend to recover her sparkle. She is gorgeous, but recently our sex life has become a bit humdrum and mundane.

Then, about a week ago everything changed. She arrived home really excited, literally like a child on a Christmas morning.

"What's got into you?" I asked noticing her joyful exuberance.

"Well. You know I love parties?"

"Yes honey, you adore parties."

"Well, we've both been invited to a Halloween party this weekend."

"Great. Sounds fun. Where's it being held?"

"At James'."


"Yes, you know James."

"No, I don't know any James'."

"Oh sorry darling. He's one of the new junior doctor's I've been mentoring. He's got this massive apartment he's shares with a couple of the other juniors and he's invited tons of people from work - doctors and nurses."

"Like to see you in a nurse's uniform."

"Well, you're luck might be in."

'What do you mean?"

"Well, it's a fancy dress party."

"And you're going as a nurse?"

"A very slutty, tarty one."

"I'm liking the sound of this more and more."

Jo kissed me passionately on the lips, sliding her moist tongue into my mouth.

"What was that for?"

"Oh, I've been so busy lately and so tired. I know I can't have been much fun in the bedroom."

"That's okay. You're still very very sexy. And very very hot."

"And when we get home from the party I'm going to wear my slutty uniform for bed."

I took a sharp intake of breath. And felt my cock start to swell and rise and press hard against my boxer shorts.

"I'm just going upstairs for a shower darling. Shan't be long."

"Jo, before you go." My wife was halfway up the stairs.


"What am I going to wear for this party?"

"Ah...the million dollar question."

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