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Growing up wrong

Hello my name is Krystal, but everyone calls me Krissy. I'm 25 & live in the Detroit area. I work at a local hospital as a Physicians assist & I love it! I'm pretty much a doctor but limited at meds I can proscribe & I don't have to have malpractice insurance.

Last night was my third date with Jordan. We went to see his friends band at a nightclub here in greater Detroit area. I ran into Jordan at the mall. I mean literally ran into him. I was running late for my meeting my sister for our mouth lunch date that usually included a mani & pedi or getting our eyebrows waxed or our hair done. Jordan knocked my phone out of my hand as I made him drop his packages. I could tell by the look in his eye he was interested in me, he was cute & returned the look to confirm that. He apologized as well did I. He offer to buy me lunch to make it up. I told him I was late meeting my sister. Maybe another time I asked. We exchanged phone numbers. I had lunch with Jordan the next day at penara bread. He is so cute & a lawyer too. I really wanted to make out with him right there & then. Our second date was dinner at a very nice Italian restaurant. I have been known to use guys for dinner & drinks. It’s my right. Also, I tend to wear clothes a little more on the provocative side. Showing cleavage & legs. When my sister & I go out, we rarely pay for more than our first drink. Amazing what guys will do when you just play into their fantasy. I dated a married guy for a while & that was great. Going out, not having to worry about him getting clingy, awesome sex.

Last night I was wearing a very nice low cut black dress with black heels with my cute French tipped toes poking out. If I lean over just right, one could catch a peek at my black bra with tiny white polka dots. I also am wearing the matching French cut panties. I meet him at his house, oh how this could be an overnight stay or late evening. The band was very good. Jordan & I even danced after quite a few drinks.

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