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Good Morning

This story was posted at our forum by a tgirl that goes by nick franalexes and although, a certain "ali" is mentioned there, anyone having even a little bit of clue will understand who really the story was about. (my humble assumption) ;)

It is morning. The pine trees cast their long shadows across the lake. The sun finds the pin holes in the curtain and needles my bedroom with its rays. Slowly the sweep and one finds my eye. Awake dear Fran! It is another day.

But it is so warm under the blankets. I roll and discover I have the whole bed to myself. The blankets and satin sheets are in disarray giving testimony to the night before. My ali, where is he? He must have risen early. I should find him. I roll out of bed, step into my flip-flops and go to the window. Throw open the drapes and there is my ali down by the lake asleep no less in the lounge. He lies there in the warm morning sun, his radiant copper tan skin, and the envy of most. He wears the bikini I got for him. It is a satin black string tie. A fem style but he likes it. It keeps him "tucked" in. A little trick I had to show him myself. I should go to him and greet him for the day.

I look for my robe but that too alludes me. Well, I'll go as I am; the lake is quiet and no one around. Geesh! I might as well be naked. I'm topless and all I have on is my red satin crotchless panties. They fit tight but they are soooo comfortable. ( never mind that they may be practical too) ( more about that later)

I step outside and carefully make my way to ali. I sneak up, don't want to wake him but want to surprise him. I pause at the edge of the grass, slip of the flip-flops then I tiptoe across the deck and kneel beside him. Carefully I reach for the string on his bikini. Pulling ever so slightly it gives. One more slip and it is free. AHHH! He stirs. But I am successful. He does not waken. One more string, a tug, gently now Fran, gently. Done! Carefully I lower the front of his bikini to between his legs. My ali gives a whole new meaning to the term "stand up guy", one clean, mean lovemaking machine. No need for details here. I have one to match it. Damn, I love being horny!

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