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It wasnt long after arriving before a cock slide through the glory hole for me to suck on, and what a cock, big thick & so suckable. I didnt need asking and was soon parting my lips and taking as much as i could in my mouth. The moans from the next cubicle seemed to indicate that it was more than welcome. He was soon calling me as many names as you can think as I sucked away at this hot cock. After blowing his cock a little longer, he pulled it away & I heard the cubicle door open & a bang on mine.

I undid the latch so the door opened and the guy whose cock id been sucking on moments earlier pulled me out the cubicle, spinning me around and bending me over the sink in front of me.

He pulled the little red knickers i had down and off me, lifted my dress and showed my little sissy cock to all the other guys who had arrived there.

Parting my ass cheeks he slammed his cock into my hole, making me moan with pleasure and pain, opening my ass for him to use as he wanted. The 4 other guys there all started wanking each other as I took this dominant cock inside my ass.

He soon pulled me off the sink and forced me onto all fours on the floor, instructing the others to move in front of me as he continued to rough fuck my ass better than anyone had in a long time. They where all under his control as much as I was and did exactly what he said, all continuing to wank, but this time right in front of my face, all ready to blow their loads all over me.

He was soon pulling me back onto his cock, knowing that he was close I was pushing back onto his cock as he slammed it in and out of me, before he shot load after load deep inside me, in turn making me cum everywhere too.

The 4 in front of me where soon shooting everywhere over my face and body too, before quickly leaving, leaving me on the floor with 5 guys cum shots over and in me, as the dom passed me he told me to be back there same time next week for use all over again...

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