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Glory hole surprise

I walked into the bookstore paid my way and went into the peeps; I
usually avoid the theatres since there is not any privacy for
playing. I guided my way in the dark letting my eyes adjust in the
dark. I walked to the back where the stalls with the gloryholes are
and found an open booth.

I sat down and pushed to find one of three channels I liked and there
it was the shemale channel, with a sexy shoulder length blonde and
redhead with deep dark red lying on her shoulders. They were kissing
and touching and boy was I getting aroused, so much, so that I did
not notice the booth next to me someone entered.

Suddenly this long finger nailed hand covered in golden rings was
touching my shaft as I quivered from her delicate touch. She was as
gentle as she rubbed and stroked me I leaned back so hard; I banged
my head on the stall wall. She let go and asked to come over into my
stall and I said without hesitation; "Yes, please."

I heard her open her stall and as she pulled on the door of mine I
opened it what I saw when I opened was an angel. The soft glow of
the TV made her seem angelic, her rose lips and jade green eyes with
the long, auburn locks with curls to the tips. She walked in and
latched the lock. As she did my hands touched, her silky dress made
of red. She turned with a smile and began kissing me her tongue
entering my mouth as her lips persuaded me to pull her closer to me.

This went on for about 5 minutes as my hands became adventurous and
were all over her body, I touched her soft silky bottom, felt her
luscious breasts and gently ran my fingers up her thighs and touched
her kitty. She was so hot and stiff as my hand searched all over her
kitty and touched her nubs. To my surprise there were no panties
under the short silky skirt, I was really into her at this point.

I slid down her body and began kissing her long, hard kitty as she
stroked the back of my head lovingly. It was so sweet and tasted
like honeydew I was sure she had taken a bath in honeydew the taste
was so real. I slid my mouth up and down her kitty, kissing her
gently and running my tongue along the length stopping at her kitty
nubs sucking them into my mouth. "Baby, that feels so good to me, I
want you to not ever stop." She moaned.

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