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Gina Thank You Surprise

I get pretty excited when my company sends me to Cincinnati for the week. I think my wife can sense something and I have been getting a little nervous she might be catching on. Over the last year I have made the trip seven times and on the first trip I met up with Gina a nice 35 year old CD I friended on Xhamster. We started out slow and met for a quickie but the last couple of trips we spent the entire night together feeling more comfortable and excited with each meeting.

Gina has always met me at my hotel, but this time she invited me to her apartment. After my nightly call home I jumped in the rental car and followed the GPS. She quickly greeted me at the door. As the door shut I took her in my arms and tasted her sweet lips. As our embrace broke my cock instantly became hard just looking at her and knowing the secret she posses. Gina was 35 about 5’ 4” cutely rounded at about 170lbs with the cutest little 4” cock. She always had a different color hair and style and tonight it was fiery red with shoulder length pig tails. She had dark arching eyebrows, charcoal covered eyelids, thick dark eyelashes and soft pink lips. She wore a red satin thigh length robe with dark nylons.

You must be glad to see me, she said referring to the wet spot in my pants. Sit here dear, I have a special time planned she said pushing me back on a hard chair. She bent over the top of me our lips touching as she rubbed my chest and arms through my shirt. Then I felt a cold metal around each wrist and a tightness as she clasped a set of handcuffs to each of my wrists. I was caught off guard and jerked only to realize both of my arms were cuffed to the chair. I began to protest as her finger clad in pink polish moved down my lips shhhhhh, relax this will be fun she said. Her hands started to unbutton my shirt. Slowly she kissed my chest as each button came free darting across my nipples and down to my stomache as she untucked the bottom of my shirt. She opened my belt, unsnapped my pants and pulled the zipper down. She grabbed the legs of my pants and pulled until I sat there handcuffed to the chair with my shirt open and a raging wet hard on hidden by my underwear. She slid my underwear off, rubbed her fingers over my cum soaked tip as I shuddered from the touch. She took the precum and wiped it across my lips siding in her fingers as if they were fucking my mouth.

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